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    I registered my little R2 with the lucas film email. so far, the one or two events have not been do able due to the heavy all metal nature of R2.
    the biggest one was NYCC. I'd have to have street level access at the building to get him in and out and assembled easily,
    and then you'd have all the stairs and stuff to worry about...never mind the crowds. it wasn't really feasable.

    the latest one is something a bit more doable. I beleive it was a local NJ team that plays in the morristown area at yogi bera stadium.
    I've been there before, know the layout...but It would really be easiest to keep R2 up front by the ticket area and once the crowd is inside and enjoying the game, take him apart and head out.

    has anyone done one of these local baseball events before?
    Curious as to your experience. it'd be a fun night out at least.

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