Off World Blade Runner repaint


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I bought myself an offworld blade runner blaster. It was a little disappointing and boring, so I decided to start modifying it. This is my first repaint (worldcon version). I used a simple method I found on these forums, just regular war hammer acrylic paint. Please submit advice and tips for modifications (this is my first try at something like this) , is there any way to reinforce or replace the plastic bulldog frame?
nRtNguI.jpg SN6VJZc.jpg

ukMO6Od.jpg Fa4ty6N.jpg vBGBTXZ.jpg vd9v3Yd.jpg


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Looks great! Really like the weathering done, looks like some good wear and tear. Definitely inspires me to weather mine.


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A vast improvement no question.

The only comments I have would be that it would be great to take a little silver rub-n-buff to some of the more exposed parts of the frame. Not a lot at all, just little enough to vary the finish so that the body does not look so uniformly weathered.

The second comment would be regarding the rust. Its a great colour but for me the spots are too big. If you scale down the blemishes so that it's more subtle, then you will be on the money..


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That looks great! I was thinking about doing the same but apparently the Offworlds shot up in price dramatically.
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