Off to Dr Who experience, photos needed ?


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I'm off to the Dr Who Experience in London tomorrow, is there anything anyone wants photos of or has it all been covered by previous visits ?
I say take pictures of everything. Your pictures might be the difference between one detail and another. You might catch that one thing that's been missed before.
I'd love pics of River's Squareness gun, and her Alpha Messon blaster if they have it. Also if they have the TARDIS fragment, I could use some pics of that too. Thanks!
Pictures of an Ood costume (especially if it's Ood Sigma) would be amazing!! Close shots of the gloves, shoes and translator ball would very much be appreciated.
It's a long shot... but if they have the envelopes/letters from Impossible Astronaut then there's several of us that would like close-ups of the stamps.
Unfortunately the Experience didn't feature River's Squareness or Alpha Messon guns, or the envelopes from The Impossible Astronaut when I visited it back in July.
Forgot to comment on that as well. Unfortunately they didn't have that either. Sadly the experience was extremely limited in terms of hand-held props, consisting largely of four Sonic Screwdrivers (five, if you count the second Matt Smith Sonic in the mannequin's pocket), the Doctor's Television device from The Idiot's Lantern, a few TARDIS keys, the Mirror Matcher and the Whisk.
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