Of Bondo, putties and fillers


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Hi all. Recently I asked a question about the molding and casting process; this time around it's about actually building up the finished piece.

I have used bondo over plaster strips (used like papier mache) before, and i have used craft foam before, but i have seen things here done with fillers over craft and eva foam, things done with putty on plaster and bondo, etc. But i cant see using Bondo on craft foam seams, for instance, as the bondo is rigid and the foam squishy.

So.... These are going to sound like noob questions, because hey, i have always been a hack-together-whatcha-got guy.

- when using the flexible foam sheeting, what kind of filler can be used to smooth over seams (i.e. Smooth when painted over) and remain flexible? Hot glue looks like crap when you get to paint.
- what exactly is spot putty and is it as strong as the bondo when used to fill holes and dents in bondo? Can it be used on other substrates?
- what is good for filling and smoothing over cut and sanded expanding foam? I used wall spackle to do that last time, but it wasnt ideal.

Thanks all.
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