Odyssey from Ulysses 31


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Anyone remember this old show ? I remember building a crude model of the Odyssey from card in my early teens, long gone now.

Has anyone made a proper model of the ship ?


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The Odysseus spaceship... One of my favorite SyFy ships of all time, with the Cygnus and the Entreprise D. :)

I started to model one in 3D, to be 3D printed later on, but the ship is extremely detailled and to do it justice, it would have to be a decent size. Plus, it was not always consistant throught the show, so the details are not always at the same place and thus it's quite hard to go further than the figure of the ship. So I dropped the project for now.

A company made a model in metal diecast a few years back, but the details... well, there aren't any details really, and the price was way too much for what it was. :/


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That's the one that looks like a big eye, right?

I don't really remember much of the cartoon but my husband drives me mad by singing the theme tune all the time. LOL!


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The Odysseus spaceship... One of my favorite SyFy ships of all time, with the Cygnus and the Entreprise D. :)

Oh my, the media did it again ...

Last time I looked it still was "Sci-Fi"...

The ship as a papercraft model
Ulysses 31 Papercraft | Papercraft Paradise | PaperCrafts | Paper Models | Card Models

EDIT : The above is not the Ulysses.

Unfortunately the show was only shown once in Germany on an obscure TV station.

But there are toys out there:


If it costs as much as other Popy items such as the Captain Future series, well then...

EDIT: and confirmed. Price range is up there with a few rare Star Wars toys. The Odysseus would cost 400 Euros upwards in good condition...

And there is a version from 2008 http://uk.visitoys.com/die-cast-ulysse-odysseus-spaceship-deluxe-grey-version-ulysse-p-2602.html
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@ ManfromNaboo : Yeah, it's still " sci-fi ", but I've been lazy on this one. :p

The diecast you put the link for is the so-so one I was talking about.

Funny enough, there's papercraft for the little shuttles but not for the Odysseus... o_O


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Hello, I'm new to the site.
I've been working on a 3D model of the Odyssey/Odysseus. It's one of the best ship designs ever, but I have never seen an accurate model. The expensive collectors die-cast is a joke - it's actually less accurate than the 1980's toy!

Here is my work in progress: 3djinn on deviantART

I've done a lot more to it since this. Should be finished by the end of the year, hopefully.


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That CG model looks great, used to love that show, always wanted a nice scale resin model,

what are you modelling it in?


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Wow, a real model would be wery cool. I think this cartoon is my first awere sci-fi encounter, as a kid I've build the Ulysses' shuttles from LEGO all the time, but building the ship accured to me only once, then I thought it was too wicket. Till some time in 2012, when I rewatched some of the episodes and started thinking of a project like this. I've considered vacu parts, and some fiber elements of the ring for durality with wooden support structure, becouse I can't weld.

You've draw plans and have will and hopefully we all be here to see your model.

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I used to love Ulysses 31. I miss the days when cartoons for kids were more than just badly drawn animals throwing up on each other.
I once made his laser gun/ sword out of an old luger with a plastic sword sticking out the top, it didn't look right or last that long but in my mind it was identical to the one in the cartoon


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Manchu has posted his original Odyssey concept drawing on his blog: manchu: ODYSSEUS

It looks a bit simpler to build than the Shōji Kawamori version. They were probably still planning to realise the ship as a computer generated wireframe model at this point.