Obscure question: Bone Tiger in Community


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I have an obscure inquiry, and hopefully it's ok to ask here, so no worries if you aren't able to help me, but I'm really interested in identifying a prop I've encountered. I bought this "camel bone" (possibly but unlikely ceramic) tiger in India a few years ago.


only to see it appear in the background as a prop in an episode of Community (Season 2 Episode 2 at around 13 minutes)

http://i.imgur.com/akCwd3o.jpg akCwd3o.jpg

I know it's absurd to ask, but would anyone be able to provide me with any more information about the item in question?

Thanks in advance.


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Doesn't look the same to me. The Community one seems to have its right front foot forward while yours has its left. The angle of the tail also looks different. I'd guess yours is probably resin.
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