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Oblivion Rifle Parts Layout 1 by Mal Keller, on Flickr

I am seeing if there is enough interest in making another run of the Oblivion Rifles I made a few years back, here is the original thread: Limited Run - Oblivion Movie Rifle - Second Run Capped!

I will make the Rifles in the same manner of complete kit (all the parts to create a full rifle, shown in above picture) or Shell parts so that it can be mounted to a Magpul Masada Airsoft. When you buy the full kit, I will include the xenon Flashlight piece at no extra charge! I've also been in touch with Soulinertia and he's indicated that a new run of decals is possible if there is enough interest.

The Full kit is $450, the Shells $375, shipping is not included in these prices. I will quote based on location.

Ideally I will have to make new molds and do some remastering of the original parts, so I need at least 10 people to buy in at a $200 deposit (refundable if the run doesn't go thru) to make this happen. I've gotten a fairly steady stream of requests, so I think this is still a viable piece, Thank you.

Lee S

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