OBK Ep 1 The Black series lightsaber?


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I have been considering buying one these and curious to hear from those of you that have this on the accuracy and size of the hilt. I have not seen one in person to be able to hold it, feel it, and really look it over. Is it worth adding to the collection or better to look at other option?

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There are videos of the lightsaber on YouTube. One video compared the new one against the older version. They pretty much are the same. The older version is shiny and heavier. The new one has a brushed finish. In the videos, the sheen looks different between the emitter section and the rest of the body. Not sure how it looks in person. It does seem to have a better sound.

I guess if you can find out how the old one compares in size to the prop, you should know how the new one measures up.


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Hehe, sorry. Those licensed "replicas" are so ugly.


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I got it when it was released and its on par with the other Force FX sabers. I can't really compare it to more accurate or custom ones though.

A few things to note is the covertec wheel is loose and wobbly on it. I've handled two of these sabers and it was like that on both. It's one of the most lightweight FX sabers along with the Luke/Rey one and it's also one of the thinnest hilts. So it's comfortable to wield.

One thing I'm still uncertain about it is the on/off switch. It has the same style red knob as the Darth Maul saber, except Maul's you rotate to activate and on Kenobi's it is a slider. I don't know if that matters if one is incorrect.