Obi Wan Saber construction Ideas

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by thd9791, Mar 20, 2012.

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    While scrapping together hardware and a few found parts working on my Obi Wan ANH saber replica, I had a few thoughts and thought I'd see if anyone else was on the same page...

    These might not be too related, so bear with me.

    1) Has anyone found either a grenade prop from re-enacting places, or a toy with the same grooves, or rubber gaskets that size or something? Even something ribbed that could just cut vertically....This grenade piece seems like it shouldn't be this hard to ROUGHLY duplicate without building something from scratch with epoxy/pvc/etc. my searching has hit a dead end and I thought I'd see if there was any hope!

    2) I like the old idea of an electronic power screwdriver as something for a turning dowel set into the handle, I'm surprised that died out so long ago. Anyone working on legit floor props with scotchlite and a spinning blade? ( I might)

    3) Looking at the Chronicles saber and knowing that it was put back together for a re-shoot, The emitter on it has GOT to be fabricated (aka not an original Balance pipe) you can't mark up incontel like that and the metal itself seems very thin, the emitter plate even seems uneven though that could be part of an original looking at the rim of holes. I'm of the assumption they fabricated parts like this when they needed, and am wondering what else they could have done? If they didn't care about continuity (which obviously wasn't important) im assuming some mysteries could be explained quite simply this way...

    ~the clamp in this picture is also dented near the grenade, looking like they brutely tried to keep this thing together for the picture

    4) The other thing that baffels me is, unlike the graflexes which were brass tubes or regular plumbing tubes, this thing looks so delicate, as there are no screws holding things together, why would the floor props people hand an actor something that was so fragile? Was there just a lot of really hard glue? What are people's thoughts...

    Thanks - I know this topic has come up a lot but lately there hasn't been a lot of interest, however I am interested and am sticking my foot out there.

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    I don't know if this will help you out at all but I had an idea of using pvc pipe in the same, or roughly the same, diameter of the grenade body, put a thin layer of Apoxy sculpt or something similar over it, and using a comb made out of cardboard with a silhouette of the ribbed section cut out of it, pop the pipe with the clay/epoxy over something to keep it steady, and roll the comb over the clay/epoxy. It should scrape off the excess and leave a pattern. Use it as a Luke grenade body or cut vertical grooves into it for an Obi-Wan.

    Alternatively, you can find one of those ribbed vacuum hose attachments, slide that over a slightly smaller diameter pvc pipe for a snug fit, and cut vertical grooves into it. Fill the holes and season to taste.

    This is all theoretical though. I wouldn't know if any of that would work.
  3. Darth Lars

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    I agree on the Apoxie Sculpt. It should be quite easy to work with. Do the main work before it cures. Then finish up with a triangle-profiled file -- an equiangularly triangular file has the correct angle for the grooves. (60°)

    3. That is most likely an original balance pipe in the Chronicles. Only the inner part is Inconel, the outer part is nickel/chrome steel. The blackness is probably caused by corrosion/soot from the engine that it was in.

    4. As long as the inner parts are fixed, a Graflex clamp can be held on by tension alone. However, there are screws and metal wire(s) through the clamp.

    My personal theory about its construction is that there is a wooden dowel inside the grenade and clamp with wood screws, washers and lots of glue. The dowel could have been lathed with different dimensions for different segments. That is just my theory, however ...
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    I thought Incontel was close to indestructible, the inside of that balance pipe is crimped and dented haha, I believe you I'm just confused

    Thanks for the apoxy sculpt ideas that sounds great!
  5. Kevin Gossett

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    A lot of people believe that it actually isn't crimped, just appears so because of weathering and lighting in the photographs. But like you said, if it actually is crimped, it most likely isn't an original piece
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    Also, if you're working with the Apoxie route, I recommend HIGHLY that you grab the solvent to work with. Cold water works well but the solvent gives it a malleability and smoothness that the water doesn't.
  7. Psab keel

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    Years ago I used to layer pieces of PVC (as in take a 1 1/4 inch tube with a 8th inch wall and put 1/16th inch wall PVC over it glued in place with high strength epoxy) and use a Dremel to cut the necessary grooves. Then fine tune them with a hand file. Lots of work, but it's cheap, looks good if you can do it right, and accepts paint easier than bare metal. The one thing I would change if I did that method now would be to use PVC Cement rather than epoxy as it chemically bonds the PVC together much stronger than the epoxy would.

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