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    I am in the process of making my Obi Wan ep. 3 costume. I have every thing figured out even the ladies razor/communicator but the boots are giving me a challenge. I found great leather at tandy's to modify a pair, but I can't find any good base boots to work for that fit my 13EE feet. I thought about using the Braham boots from walmart, but none fit my feet. If any one has a good tutorial, or what to use as the base boot that I can find in my size that would be great. I may have to wear some clone shin armor for the time being until I get the boots figured out.

    And I just don't have the money or desire to spend $350 plus for the replicas. leather may have gone up in price, but not that much. I could make a scratch built pair if I had the soles and time for a lot less.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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