Obi Wan ANH Sabre Emitter build


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I am upgrading the Obi Wan ANH Sabre that I built in the early 90's when only the pommel and clamp had been ID'd. I re-used the sink ring I found back then. The sink ring was found in a box of junk at a plumbing place and was already old. I could never find the maker. The rest is scrap stainless steel that I recently picked up for little or nothing. I will eventually JB Weld or solder the parts together. I may redo the ring with the holes. Still needs some work.
I agree with Tan, this is incredible! and I have the same questions haha.

right now I have a plate from a door lock and some sink tubing to make up the pipe part...
Re: Obi Wan ANH Sabre Emitter and parts build

Here are some more images. The pommel is a later model sink knob similar to the original prop part. The Booster I made with a PVC connector and 1/4 inch ABS. I ran the ABS through a table saw two times to create triangular strips that I cut down and super glued to the PVC connector. These gear like teeth were then sanded down. Another segment of PVC connecter was added to go into the pommel - that is the unpainted white part. I made the "Graflex" clamp years ago from sheet aluminum and 1/4 square, steel rod.. I Have a real Graflex from which I made a template. The frag part is a resin cast I also bought years ago. It was made by Frank Cernay long before the grenade had been identified. For my upgrade, I dremeled out the front of the grenade and inset a brass washer. The brass stem is made from plumbing tube. I had to ream out the larger tube parts to fit over the smaller one. This saber is still a WIP. I need to figure out the wind vane part before I can trim the pieces and stick it all together.. I may redo the booster and I hope to ad add a real Graflex clamp.
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Looks good so far. The solution for the rear grip/gear/slash booster is a good one. I'd considered a similar route myself, but wasn't sure where to get the triangular stock. Duh... Make it!
Here are a few more images. The tarnish makes the pluming pipes pieces look like copper. The wind vane ring was made from a bearing. For the fins, I used a 1 and 1/2 inch a hole cutter in a drill press to make a ¼ inch thick aluminum disc. I had to sand the disk down with a table top belt sander a bit to fit in the ring. I then put it in a vice and hand filed out the fins. Took 3 tries. Not perfect, but better that what I had. The sabre is not done. Needs capacitors, some paint, a hole or two drilled in the stem, assembly and weathering. I’d like to see if I can make a better booster and stainless steel clamp.
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Thanks guys. thd9791, not sure what you mean by "what is behind the clamp". I assume you mean what is on the inside? The resin grenade "frag" part extends part way into the clamp. The grenade is a little less than 1 and 1/2 in diameter. I added a ring made from 1 and 1/2 inch sink pipe. I will post a more pics this week
I actually found it in a Valu Home Centers (The red and yellow) it was in a plastic cabinet with screws and bolts, they had their own drawers.
Here are a number of photos. Hope these help. The PVC connector used for the booster was the exact length needed, But it was a little wider on one end. Used a table sander to get it all even. The fins, or ribs, were cut just under 1/4 inch wide. I marked the connector before super glueing on the ribs to make sure I ended up with 16 fins. I also used a small sanding drum on the underside of the fins, for best glue adhesion. Had made the fins from grey plastic, I could have rubbed off some paint to weather it. I will likely used some silver paint. Still a WIP.
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Wow, SPY007

after weathering, it looks even better! Great build

honestly, I tip my hat for someone who can (for want of a better word) engineer how these fit together. I tend to lose my head when I sit down to figure things like this out.
Tan Djarka: good! :) makes me happy to see a successful find.

And I just found some old tubing from an Obi Wan Ep. 1 style My dad and I made a few years back (I should really post that) and sure enough, it's 1.5 inch tubing and fits snugly inside our second clamp :rolleyes
Tan Djarka: good! :) makes me happy to see a successful find.

Don't get too happy. I decided to "remove" the bearing to liberate the sleeve I'm actually going to use and... Well, while I didn't destroy it, you wouldn't have wanted to hear all the cussin' and fussin' I did. Man was that a pain in the butt to do. On top of that, it may actually be a little narrow (top to bottom) for the saber I planned to use it on.
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