Nymphodora Tonks' first/original necklace and jacket


Hi all,

I've been looking for screen shots etc on these and am partly through making a leather jacket for a friend who's my Tonks' for gigs etc.

Anyone got any pics on her necklace? It seems complicated from afar and I can't tell if they are brass buttons or what(?) also need to work on the trousers and Bellas pieces too but that comes later.

So, any info would really help i'm having a hard time trying to get one sorted. Cheers me'dears!


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Is this any help?


It's twisted leather (easy enough to get hold of) with patterned (brass?) buttons. I seem to recall seing some very similar once before so a google image search may show something up. (If I get a chance later, I'll try to have a quick look for you)


YES! Legend :) thank you I zoomed in. Got the design on the gloves and necklace, just drawing up a coat pattern. It gets complicated at the end :-s
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