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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Howlrunner, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I picked up the Koto "One Coin" Robocop Mk2 figure at a convention on the weekend, and sparked off a renewed interest in all things Robocop, so most of us know that the Nuke from Robocop 2 was made from extremely easy to find objects, but has anyone made a finished prop of it?

    The case was an old tape cassette case, easy enough....

    The individual Nuke vials were Saline eye drops for use with contact lenses. Now, while these were very common when the film came out, is it possible to still get this design of the drops anywhere?


    I've had a look online, but all saline eyedrops now seem to come in a different shape package. Are the old style still available?

    Also, anyone know what the big Nuke canisters were made from? Looks like a fairly easy custom build, but it would be much easier if they were a found item.

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    No ideas folks?
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    Actually it may not be saline eye drops. Around that time, there was a "candy" like that for kids that you could buy in the stores. I know because I have tried it before. You twist off the top and drink it. Since I doubt that is is still being made, you would probably have to modify a saline eye drops container.
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    The Benzedrine's got my teeth wiggling. Cut it with sc - Scopalomine. 5 mills per.
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    ARKM that candy you're talking about is actually being made again and can be readily found at candy shops (if you can locate one) or online somewhere. Not sure if that helps as we don't know if that's for sure what they used but I thought I'd throw that out there.
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    Just came across this listing for a Nuke vile on The Prop Gallery. It's definitely a single use eye dropper. The vile has the words "Allergen, Inc LENS PLUS" stamped on it.


    Sadly, nothing really comes up in a google search other than the modern version of the product. BUT the company is located in Irvine, about an hour south of me. If I got crazy I could reach out and see if they have any old deadstock.

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