Nuka Colo Quantum Label.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by ItzBren, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. ItzBren

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    Hey guys! I am at the stage where all i need to do is print out some labels for my my bottle but need a little help finding a certain type of paper. The build that inspired me to work on my own suggested this, . Translated the page and tried entering some keywords in google but no luck. I'm in the US and have been trouble finding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pictures to follow as soon as i complete it!
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    Can you maybe show a link of the project which uses this certain paper? Seems you only posted the link to a shop.
    Maybe the greatest help would be to visit a print/copy shop which may already have what you need? :)
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    I made a few a while ago and I found that photo printer paper looks really good, but it is hard to get it to stick to the bottles I used, but when it worked I used a brown spray paint and sprayed the label from about 2-3 feet away to make it look dirty and old

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