NuGalactica cashy money


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Actually can't remember if I posted these. Probably not. Anyway, short history. I built replicas of the paper money from Galactica based on the best references available about 13 years ago. Then, the BSG auctions began. I was contacted by a fellow RPF member who had won several original bills. He offered to ship me the bills to perfect my replicas. I still remember the call. I was walking through my local Meijer at the time and was floored to hear what he was proposing. So, over the next few weeks, he sent me a single bill (heavily insured), I would study it and make a high-res scan and send it back (also heavily insured). A few weeks later I had seen all three bills and was reworking my files to be as accurate as possible. I posted on the RPF my comparison pics of replica vs. real deal and they were almost exact. The only difference was the paper. The production had used a run of paper with metallic inclusions that we just could not locate.

Anyway, I starting selling bills and they were a hit back in 2009. Even partnered with another RPFer to offer a poker set of paper cash with his metal cubits. Then I started selling on etsy. Soon after, I received a C&D from NBC and haven't sold any for a decade. So... I thought the files weren't doing me any good, so I'll upload them. I know hi-res scans of real bills are easily available now, but there's an advantage to printing pristine bills and hand weathering them IMHO. Anyway, here are the files. 100_front.jpg
100_back.jpg 500_front.jpg 500_back.jpg 1000 Front.jpg 1000_back.jpg


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jheilman Very generous of you to post these--superior work! What percentage do you print these at? Which paper stock did you use when selling them? Thanks!


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I always intended to grab that box of 100 cubits but kept forgetting. Do you remember who the other member was? Maybe he can still do a run?

I bought a few sets of your cubits and they were top notch. I gave a couple as Xmas gifts and they were well received.

Thanks for sharing these!


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Thanks Bear. The cityscape was the biggest challenge in recreating these. I'd love to know how the art department created it. A 3D model or just built it as I did, piece by piece?
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