Nozdormu Cosplay Outfit


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I've just started my Higher School Certificate (HSC) course, Design And Technology of year 12 - anyone who understands Australian Education in NSW will know that this is a huge deal.
I'm required to create something... anything, really.
I've chose to design a real life outfit for Nozdormu, the Keeper of Time from the MMORP World of Warcraft; I know, I've probably bitten off more than I can chew, but here are some screen shots of what the outfit will look like...



I have the shoulder worked out, so I don't have to worry about that part and the hair isn't an issue as I can get long brown hair wigs and style them without hassle. As for the rest of the costume I'm really at square -1.
I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on where to start in making this animate costume come to life? I have until July next year to make it and a $450 budget to keep under.

Any information people can give me on methods of sketching and constructing templates and material to use is incredible appreciated and their assistance will be documented in my Project Design Portfolio. Yay.

I want the material to look decent, and the final product to make the markers look at it and say, "Wow. That's amazing." It also has to be wearable (obviously) as I'll be using it for Cosplay.

Thank you.


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Get yourself a mannequin (buy or build it yourself) that approximates the stature of the character. Then go from there by making your own templates in paper or cardboard for the soft parts. Learn how to sew.
For the harder parts either use craftfoam or camping mats, go the template from paper route first, as well. Should be doable within two weeks altogether if you don´t have anything else to do, perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Go through all of those costuming and armour making threads here on the RPF for in depth information on template making and armour building with various materials. Look at the RPF youtube channel for links to video tutorials.



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Thanks, Michael
The school will provide a mannequin for me, which is fine.
I know how to sew, thankfully. I've made dresses and things before, this is just a bit more elaborate and layered and well... different.

I'll spend some more time going through tutorials and the et cetera. :]


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When I'm looking for ideas of how to do certain costume parts I tend to look here first: Cosplay Tutorial - Tutorial List
They have some neat little tutorials listed there. The one that I will certainly recommend for you is the craft foam armor tutorial: Craft Foam Armor Tutorial
I would recommend trying craft foam to make the almost tiered effect of the raised layers on the belt and the raised layers on the boots. You'd probably want to try using plain fabric for the raised parts of the kilt/man-skirt just so that it doesn't get too bulky/weighed down.
Also, if you're unsure at all about how the finished product will turn out when it comes to the sewing parts--make sure you buy some el cheapo scrap fabric first to test it out on before you move on to your more expensive, final-work fabric. Better safe than sorry, especially when you're on a budget!
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