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Not a prop, but property of Lucasfilms...need some help


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So, I freelance as a photographer and camera operator for a local studio. The owner of the studio bought a pile of camera gear and lenses and brought them back up to WA from CA. Apparently, some of what he brought back was the property of Lucasfilms and/or ILM. The items I'm trying to help him with are these lens cases: Lucas Film / ILM Lens Cases - a set on Flickr

They're stamped Lucasfilms with serial #s on them. He's trying to decide whether to keep them or sell them, and if he decides to sell them, what to ask for them. Anyone have any ideas on how to price something like this? They're probably ANH vintage, and if not, they're at least Indiana Jones and ESB vintage. I would kill to have one for myself. Anyway, if you guys have any ideas on how to accurately date these things and/or price them, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.


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From the Kerner optical auction I presume? How much did he pay for them? Check Ebay prices. If you can screen match them to some vintage ILM photos they might be worth something. Need to talk to someone that knows vintage cameras and worked on the movies ;)


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Sure looks like the ILM/LFL inventory tags to me. (I've seen some on pieces that have been donated/exhibited.) Are they empty cases? Or are the lenses still there? I ask because the Academy (and others) are restoring some of the camera and MOCO gear. If there are lenses out there, especially with custom mounts (though I think they went with a common Nikon mount in most cases) it would be good to get them on the correct camera.

If they are empty cases, they are just empty cases, albeit with a cool sticker on them.

Feel free to PM me if you wish.



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Gee... I thought it'd take at least another week for the re-sales to start.

Bottom line is a lot of this stuff was looked over well by recent (til the bitter end) and former employees who knew what they were looking at. Items they passed on but advised on ended up in good hands and will be cared for. The generic stuff? Meh. It's worth whatever someone will pay for an old case with an LFL stamp, no logo, and no tie to any production. What do Nikon hard cases run... 30-40 bucks maybe? Maybe double it?
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