Nostromo coffee mug

Wes R

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Those look familiar, I think my folks may have actually had a set when I was little. I know we had some green ceramic ones that basic shape.


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Gone but not forgotten.
We had those when I was about 10 years old. We had them in our Midas Mini-home camper. Both are long gone now......


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Sorry guys, I bought them. :$
To my understanding, the only color that was used was white so I can only use one out of the set (for my Nostromo display).


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Might as well give it a shot...I'm not going to use them for anything else.

Please don't try to paint them, the plastic they're made of is rather "soft" and the result won't be that good because you'll loose surface detail in the process... (I already tried)

... but if you need Weylan Yutani stickers to turn the white one into a Nostromo mug send me a PM, I might help you !




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I'm not sure that these cups are correct as the actual ones used had a ring around the inside of the cup. See attached photo.

There was water inside the cup because the birds displayed on both sides of it are "happy drinking birds" (gift toys supposed to work with a glass of water in front of them).

I think the inner "ring" you referred to simply is an effect induced by the presence of water in the cup and the way it was lighted from above...

I have some of these cups and believe me they're a perfect match with the ones seen on screen !


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