North East Prop Party....CHANGED


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I am in and live real close....willow grove, all day is fine a driving tour is fine and I woudllove to show off mine if people want to drive... :D



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1) Beginning to mid-April is better for me
2) I'd be coming alne - unless someone wants to commute with me from Somerset County, NJ.
3) Considering how long a drive I've got...I'd rather not tour.


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i'd definitely be interested...although i don't drive...i'd just be coming from there a septa stop nearby? for your questions...

1) either one works for me
2) i'm cool with all-day...i got nothing but free time
3) like i said i don't drive..but if anyone has an extra seat in their car i'd be down for traveling...i would only ask that i get met near a bus stop...

my question...not to sound niave...but i'm fairly new to the hobby and have never been to a prop party...what exactly does one entail?....skott

The Mantis

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I can't speak to that other than to say that it has been some time since I have hosted one of these and the "house" atmosphere tends to add to the comfort level of a prop "party" lines will be drawn here as my home will be a DMZ.


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The "PA party" will be in May/June.

Dave, I'd love to come see your castle, but the early part of the year is a busy time. Please take lots of pictures..
I am totally blown away. I had no idea that some of you were in my area. I am in Feasterville Pa. and would kill to attend a prop party. Keep me in mind for it PLEASE.... My email, if you need it is or you could send me a PM from here.


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I am interested.

1. I would prefer Early to Mid April.
2. Probably just me, unless my wife inlcudes herself.
3. I like driving.

Thanks for offering an open invite to your house.



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Depending on the date, I'll try to make it. It's a bit of a schlep from NYC, so if anyone in the area wants to carpool I certainly wouldn't mind a co-pilot.


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I'd like to come and meet you guys in person. I'm in the DC area, so it's a bit of a drive but I will go if I can.



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Originally posted by The Mantis@Feb 22 2006, 02:09 PM
We have had, in the past, people come from as far as Ohio and Florida....looks like the party is shaping up.

I may be leaving my rainy abode here in Oregon on biz about then so may be able to swing thru and debauch with you guys.