noob questions sorry


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hey guys

been reading thru the forums here and there is a ton of info to go thru. Ive seen a lot of great build ups and great paint jobs and im hoping to join the ranks soon.
anyway I have a couple of questions. as far as painting latex can I use any acrylic paint? I have some acrylic flesh tone paints that I use in my figures that I think I can do a good job with but want to make sure they will stick to the latex. the paint name is called life tones. if I am able to use this what should I use to prime the latex. what should be used as a top coat?
that should be it for now. I should have a build page up with in a month!


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ya i would suggest acrylic but you will have to mix it with either liquid latex paint or prosaide and do a 50/50 mix


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the way i did the one piece of latex i painted so far was a coat of prosaide by itself as the primer than the 50/50 mix

after that spray it all down with some perma wet to seal it all and have a layer of protection from paint chippage


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I've always painted my latex masks and skins using latex painting kits from The Monster Makers. It's designed specifically to stick to latex masks, and it's flexible so it won't come off. You don't use a primer with it, but you do need to make sure that there's no powder or anything else sticking to the latex.

I can show you how this works if we meet in person sometime. In fact, I have an entire extra 16 ounce bottle of the paint base, since I ordered too much.
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