Noble Collection Hermione Wand vs Screen-used

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    I'm really out of my element, but a friend asked me to see if a Hermione wand could be accurized. There is a silk screened copyright that could potentially be sanded down and painted over.

    However, is the Noble Collection's paint scheme accurate? The tone is kind of greenish and not quite like wood.

    I've been scouring forum posts and the web for a clear hi-res shot of the screen used wand (I'm guessing from Ep 6 or 7?) but the best I've found was blurry and didn't give me an accurate sense of the paint scheme. However, it did suggest the paint scheme is more brownish than green.

    Would the experts please chime in? Thanks.
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    I recently saw the Hermione wand at the Harry Patter Exhibition in Sydney and here wand is overall a greenish colour. It looks weathered with darks brown shading in the same spots as Noble has them. The green on Nobles should just need some highlights and it has a bit of a light red brown mainly on the raised leaf bits. Try this for reference.
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    Hermione's wand at the studio tour in London:



    Good shot from a publicity photo:


    The attached high res shots show the colour scheme quite well too.
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