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Hi all.

I might start an undoable costume, but I'd still like to do it.

A gundam.

Now I like Gundam pretty much, but the only female gundam I know (for now) is Nobel Gundam from G Gundam.

Before I start, I'd like to see if more of you guys know feminine Gundams, and give me some tips to start. I guess I will be using cardboard and foam, but I'm open for all possibilities.

I'd also like to try to get some glowing eyes in there. (I guess that shouldn't be too hard)

I'm 5"5' (or however you may write that down...168cm or so..maybe even 170cm)

Anyone any idea's? I guess I will start with the head and I'll make a base soon. Maybe I have some cardboard left.

Thanks already!
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Re: Gundam Costume

First, it is doable - however you'll most likely have to alter the proportions just a bit because Gundams as a rule have long legs, a tiny chest (lenght-wise) and a "big" head... unless these are actually your body proportions :)

Second, for the more "female" Gundam out there... there are not a whole lot. The first that came to mind is Gundam Nadleeh from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00".


I'm trying to think about other Gundam Series I like (Gundam Wing, Gundam 0079, Gundam SEED (and Destiny))... and can't come up with anything else.

Anyhow - a Gundam is a pretty cool project... I'd really like to see this done.
Good Luck !!!
Re: Gundam Costume

actually, the long legs rules has only been since they reported the UC era

prior suits were much more straight up proportioned.

you might want to look up the "ashtray" suit, which should fit a female form easily & not require you to be a body builder.

having done several mobile suits. Hit me up if you need any help.
Re: Gundam Costume

i love gundam and have maybe 50 or so of the models and have wanted to make a gundam costume for a while but have never done it :/ so ill be watching the progress!
as for another female gundam? there isnt really any. unless you count the gundam girls... but their pretty skimpy. and not real gundams. buth there are a few good designs out there i think if you want to go that route. but i really dont see why you couldnt do a normal gundam if you wanted to. i know rx-78-2 would probably work, as would the 00, unicorn, turn A, and maybe exia. those are just off the top of my head and theres many others. so its really if you want to do a female gundam or just a gundam.


maybe a variation on this with a it more clothing would work?
just my input.
good luck!
Re: Gundam Costume

I was the biggest Gundam Wing fan when I was a kid. I took the name of my favorite gundam for my screen name, and kept it all these years - as well as my avatar.
I never really got into any Gundam series other than GW though.
I have always wanted to do a Deathscythe costume, but never gotten around to it. I still plan on it someday though.

I can't help much with the female gundams, but I will surely be watching the progress here!
Re: Gundam Costume

Off the top of my head the other "female" gundam related design I can think of is the GN Archer
GNR-101A GN Archer

Not a gundam and more of the GM heritage but it has the feminine form.

You can browse pretty much every gundam design there was here: Mecha Profiles | Mobile Suit Gundam

If this also helps I've been collecting gundam cosplay pics over the years
gundam cosplay.rar

It's both good for seening what's been done and what not to do.

Now for a bit of opinion spam.

My RX-78-2 helmet is the first prop I've ever made, that was back in 2005-2006. (Only made 5 more props since then! Wooooooo!)


It was quite fun for a few cons and I eventually made a shield, beam saber and pistol. The plan was to make a full costume eventually but over the years I've realised that gundam proportions just don't match human proportions. There is some wiggle room with a few designs but overall it just looks kinda not right in the end. And the newer the design is the farther it seems to go from humans. The heads get smaller, the legs thinner and longer, shoulders wider making the arms hang out impossibly far outside the body, etc. Because of how huge the human head is in proportion to the rest of the body most gundam cosplay ends up in bobblehead territory. I've been contemplating this for years and in my opinion there's two solutions:

1. Only stick to certain designs that are either close to human proportion or are forgiving enough to still look decent after adjustments.

2. Don't adjust/play with/compromise proportions, but reinterpret the design completely in a different style.

2a: Tokusatsu - Usually for males attempting the cosplay

Kamen Rider RX-78 - YouTube





Good to note that Guncannon is one of those forgiving design that fits into option 1.

Option B: Mecha Musume - Usually for females as "musume = maiden/daughter/young girl" implies. This was already mentioned above.



Strike & Zeta

Zaku & RX-78

If you want more ideas about this, Akitaka Mika has been drawing gundam girls for decades now and has "The World Wide Merchandice Division 2001 of Les MS Girls" book, aka "Mobile Suit Girls Illustration Artbook" which covers a good number of designs from 0079 up to Victory (1979-1993ish). Not sure if linking complete book scans is allowed here but it's googleable in both buyable and other forms.


Also there's plenty of fanart all over the internet of mecha musume, mecha girls, gundam-tan however you wanna call it.

Personally, the only way I'll ever constinue my RX-78 costume, if I ever bother, is with the reinterpretation angle:



Sorry if I'm a bit skeptical about doing the costume straight, but it's been 32 years and it hasn't been done. Doesn't really mean it won't be done but I'll remain skeptical until people figure out to shrink their heads to a quarter of original volume. Hopefully I'm not being discouraging...
Re: Gundam Costume

Thanks a lot all of you! It's quite inspiring! I'm lucky to have relatively long legs (see my Rogue costume HERE

I guess I'm going fot the Nobell Gundam design, since it's not too hard/extreme to make. A bit like sailor stuff.

boxart here

I will be posting pictures as soon as it starts looking like something. At the moment, I'm working at the base for the helmet. It's junk now, but I want it to be quite good in the end.

PS: I was also lolling at the idea of doing the Nether Gundam, as I'm Dutch...
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Re: Gundam Costume

Nether Gundam would probably work very well actually.... :lol

Nobel cosplay should be fun to see.

Anyway, the more reference the easier it is to work. At one point I considered scratchbuilding a 1/100 model since Bandai was too lazy to do a MG so I have a good ammount of pics if it helps.

Official Lineart:

Official pics:

GFF lineart:

GFF figure:

You might as well pick up the HG kit since it's a lot cheaper than the GFF figure and great reference. Working from 3D is always easier than from 2D. Even with the obscenely high Yen right now should be around $20-25USD.

If not, tons of pics of the kit here: HGFC Nobell Review by dalong

And because I like lots of pixels, higher res boxart
Re: Gundam Costume

Nether Gundam is quite easy, and having windmills all around might even give it a REAL Dutch touch by adding some extra details. However, I will save that costume for a friend :D

Thanks a lot for the images!
Too bad I just ordered a MG Deathscythe with markers, otherwise I wouldve added a Nobell Gundam.

Yesterday I ran out of glue and tape..too bad. I'm going to the shops now to get me some new stuff. :)
Re: Gundam Costume

I made some references on a 'headshot'. I took the most useful parts and compared them to the eye. The 19 cm refers to my current headwidth :D


And I felt like doing stupid so...

I've also bought the Dutch Equivalent of Bondo, some glue, some tape and I still had some Carton/Cardboard.
Re: Gundam Costume

I'm sorry if I'm doubleposting too much, but here are some process pics I did from the last two days.

I made de antenna

Just for fun on the 'base'

You guys call it bondo. We don't but I'll keep the term 'bondo' here ;)

Trying to smooth it a bit out

It looks big now, but considering all the details which will be added later, I don't think it is.

However, I think the band over the head (see earlier pictures) is something I like to think of as headphones.
Remember: This is my first prop helmet ever to be made. I've never really gotten further than the base.

I will be sanding this helmet in the workshop. Maybe today, maybe not, depends on my shedule.
Re: Gundam Costume

Today I've made great progress. I made the Antennaes from polyurethane, the cheek 'bangs' and the faceplate. I also sanded the head itself. I'm really tired right now. I've got just one pic.

the antennea diamond isn't shown here:

A good book to have is Featherweight's mecha manual Devin Harrigan A.K.A. Featherweight built a GAT X-105 Strike gundam his is th' best method for getting th' right proportions. Ya can find th' Mecha Manual at for about $12.50 plus shipping or ya can download it for $6.50.

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