No women, no kids. Leon's Beretta. Blank shooter.

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    I've been trying to get my hands on an SGS compensator for a long time. This is, sadly, only a replica. But it's a nice one, made from aluminum for high end airsoft guns. Got it from Evike. They're about $30.


    I've been doing a lot of work on blank firing pistols for a future project. It's been almost 3 years since I've been able to work on any prop at all, so I'm having a lot of fun getting back to it.

    This was a simple one, though not quite done yet, and not truly an accurate replica. But pretty darn close.

    This started as an Ekol Asi with a broken slide that I got for next to nothing. That's why there is a round bit with a diamond shaped recess poking out of the frame.

    The Asi is an UZI replica with a Beretta replica inside a plastic shell. I posted one in another thread that I'm building out as a cyberpunk gun. Looks like this inside. This is not the busted one, obviously.


    Anyway, I had a donor slide from a top firing Firat I picked up years prior and never had a use for. "Muzzle" flash from the top of the gun looks bad on camera, IMO.

    I did a lot tinkering with this one before I decided to mount the compensator on the frame. This is not accurate to the film gun, and it's not how a real SGS mounts to a real Beretta. And that stuff matters to me. So I did a lot of work to try and get the blank firing pistol (which is nothing like a real beretta inside) to work the "correct" way.

    But the longer rod that this came with just didn't work. I tried quite a few things including casting a new spring guide rod.

    At the end of the day I just said "I'll screw it" Hahaha. So I did, and I kind of like the look. It will certainly work for the film I'm building this for.

    Leon3_sm.jpg Leon4_sm.jpg

    Getting different grips soon, and will weather it up some too.

    Evike has a much closer replica of the gun from the movie for $150, so eventually I will be picking that up for display.
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    Very sweet
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    Great movie and a classic firearm. It looks great!
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    Thanks Guys. I will have more pics posted once I get new grips and weather it.

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