no-sew simulated embroidery?


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Need an alpine costume for Octoberfest. I can make lederhosen but the embroidery is what really makes the look. Is there a way to simulate the look of detailed stitching?


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What kind of detail are you looking to replicate? There are many ways to add detail to a costume. Im not so sure about "No-Sew" stuff unless it is a iron on applique. I have found in stuff that I make that either hand made applique or hand stitching looks the best. All though it takes a great deal of time I have used different types of fabric (that has the design already on it that I am looking for) and cut out pieces and hand stitched them to garments, making it look like embroidery.


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If you have the skills to build the lederhosen, you might just try applying trim (something appropriate to the project that you go to the store and select) in the areas where embroidery would be. If not that, then try 3-d fabric paint. It's available at any Joann Fabrics and it comes in a squeeze bottle with a pointed nozzle so applying it is a bit like writing with a pen which is perfect for simulating the sort of embroidery that's on lederhosen. When fabric paint is applied in lieu of embroidery, it tends to read effectively as embroidery from five to ten feet or more.
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