No Bill Murray for Ghostbusters 3?


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I propose Peoplebusters.

It's a group of ghosts on the other side that have to catch the pesky living who do not belong there.

Somethings alive, and not dead, who you gonna call?


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In a few years they can just CGI him into whatever movie they want. Ghostbusters 5 with Bill Murray, James Cagney, Dean Martin, and Sidney Poitier.


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I thought Bill Murray was one of the biggest voices in trying to get this thing made in the first place.


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Just make ghostbuster the game 2 instead..
QFT. The first game was great:thumbsup. Also, say what you will about Murray holding out. He has apologized for Garfield more than once, and it is obvious that if he simply cared about the money he would have signed on a long time ago. To me, it seems personal. It seems like he really does care about the GB franchise.

Maybe he has read all the back lash on Star Wars, or has personal feelings about that. I never thought I would feel anything but love for Star Wars, but three prequels and an increasingly crazed Lucas have changed all of that.

I don't want my feelings to change on GB as well.


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To be honest, even if they made a sequel/reboot/remake/recrap/whatever, I'd just ignore it. The game was good enough. I don't hold it to the same standard as a film, but it was still fun. I think they could do a game where you franchise out and have only limited interaction with the older guys. That'd be fun because you'd get to play through the experience yourself. But just watching Owen Wilson or Seth Rogen or whoever the popular comic actor of the day is mug for the camera while the old guys try to "pass the torch"?

Yeah, not interested. Sounds like Murray isn't either, and without Murray you will NOT see this film.

As I've said, this is ALL about branding and marketing and Murray is what will sell the tickets. His lack of involvement would seem like an empty void.

Also, three words alone should make people think twice about going back to the well on this either with or without Bill Murray (but especially without):




Let it go, guys. 'Nuff said.