NLP Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs


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I'm looking to recreat those wicked moose mugs featured on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. This is a project I've wanted to do for a long time. I would love to use real glass but have never attempted glass sculpting. I'm a decent sculpter otherwise. I was considering some kind of clear resin as an alternative but can't find any that you can drink from or wash afterwords. Maybe acrylic but haven't done much with that. Any one have any ideas?
Why not just buy them? The mugs have been available for a while now and they look quite nice! You can get 2 for 20.00 or less.

This would be a huge job in acrylic even if you knew what you were doing.

Yes, I've seen them for sale. Some things are done just for the doing. I can buy a ton of prop reps that I have but I really enjoy making them. Every year I watch that movie and try to figure out how to reproduce them. I've done a lot of complicated ones and looking at those mugs you think how simple it should be but unless you can blow glass it's a hard prop to reproduce.
Like 99% of what all prop builders do. :lol

Exactly! In these days there really is no need to make anything besides the satisfaction of doing it yourself. There are so many company's selling so many versions of almost any prop you could want. Ordering stuff is fine but that makes you a collector not a replica prop builder. Some people only do paper props some only guns etc. I love to spread out and try anything I might think is cool. Even if I don't know how. You never know how until you do it.
Not to go off topic, but good for you with your prop build. I like building my own things as well. Initially, it started out as a way to save $ and use some "junk" laying around the house. A member here said something to me that put the whole prop building into context: IMHO I believe that making your own prop will take on a personality of its own. That in itself is more valuable than any prop you could ever buy. (paraphrased by dualedge)

Now back onto topic: I have a mug from Magic Mountain from a restaurant called the Moose Lodge I believe. I got it 15 years ago because just like you it reminded me of the glass mugs used in NLP X-mas Vacation. I only break that thing out at Christmas.

Anyway, if you are looking around for something to use as a loose reference and maybe help you get your technique down, a mug like that is cheap and easy to find.
How awesome are the moose glasses. We used to watch this film when I was a kid and always wanted them. Funny how now with the internet, it turns out everyone noticed them and wants the same thing!

Not to steer away from Tye making his own, but where can I get them online? There seems to be a couple different sites. Can anyone recommend one?

I should mention I live in Australia. Anyone had any luck getting them outside the U.S.?
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I'm pretty sure the ones sold online are made by the same maker whom supplied them to the if you get the glass ones online then you are getting the real 100% exact different than the ones used on screen.
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