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Hey guys!

I just got a custom-made Nintendo NES coffee table from a friend and I thought maybe you guys would be interested on getting one. First, here's the image of the original controller in case you want to compare the work:


This is the table:





The table is made out of high-quality wood and, as you can see, opens up for storage. I'm thinking about installing vents so I can keep some of my gaming consoles inside and cut a hole for the cords to ressemble the original black cord. The table is 100% handmade. Since I didn't want to worry about stickers peeling off, all the detailing is hand painted as well.

I'm thinking about selling them for around $195 dlls plus shipping fees, which I'd be looking into since it's kinda heavy (around 25 pounds). The table would arrive to you with the legs inside it, you just need to screw them in the table (I found it way easier and less time-consuming than anything from IKEA, lol). Shipping fees can get really expensive so right now I'm adding people just from North America. If you're not from North America let me know and I'll check on shipping fees. As always, questions are welcome!

*EDIT* I couldn't find any shipping service for under 120 dlls so unfortunately I won't be able to get this run started. Thank you for your interest!
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Gotta have one!

Edit: This is kinda perfect. I moved a few months ago and haven't found a coffee table I like yet :thumbsup
That thing looks awesome and is an insanely cheap price!!

I'm really curious about shipping price to Montreal! Hit me with a PM!
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