Ninja Turtles Bluetooth communicator by me


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well.. this has been something i've wanted to build for a few years, tried a while ago and failed, but tonight, everything came together and it works!!

I started by using a toy tmnt communicator and bought a Helium Bluetooth wristband communicator. the chip is tiny, 1 inch give or take, and somehow oddly fit in the toy communicator. i noticed the power button on the chip lined up perfectly with the power button on the toy i had to make it all work.

phew, long story short, here are some photos. il take video soon, but i can receive calls, make them with voice control and that's it. I have to figure out charging it and i have to install vol + - momentary switches on it. hope you like it.

the bare chip, (I want to use this for zenix's dick tracy watch case)

chip inside toy housing, just trimmed some unneeded plastic

crazy, power up button lines up perfectly!

:) she works, just have to fix a feedback issue with speaker.


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thanks guys, I really wanted to build this so i could wear it @ comic con, wanted something to use to hear my phone in the loud crowds.

doesn't hurt to do it with some nerd style.
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