Ninja turtle bust wip


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I started working on my third copy of the ninja turtles. I want to do four total each with a different look and expression, for this one i am going to try for a larger piece and will have him a little more rough than the previous two.
So far i have the block in finished and started the expression, not happy with it yet though i think i am going to go for something more suttle like a disgust look on his face or defiant. Let me know what you think.
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Do you have in mind which characters each turtle will be while you make them? I think that could certainly dictate their expressions, with Leo being the resolute leader, Donatello a bit more pensive as the thinker, Michealangelo more playful, and Raphael certainly the defiant one!

Looking great so far, would love to see it finished.
Thanks for the comments, This one is going to be more toward raph with a stubborn over the shoulder look.

The style i am going for is my own interpertation, somewhere between the cartoons and comics and live action movies. I have done that with the last two, but i want to go a little farther with this guy with more realism with skin textures and maybe a couple scars to show the warrior within.
My only critque would be that the top of the head seems a little too conical.
Other than that though, it looks awesome. I love the semi-realist style you have going.
I'm liking the look of this so far. But to me, this looks more like the way leonardo would stand. If I were to do raphael, I would do him the way Dave Rapoza did with his head lowered like he's getting ready to **** some **** up.

Thanks for the comments i worked on some of the issues with the piece, those Dave Raposa pics are awesome i have been using those as part of my reference, found them when i did a search for hardcore ninja turtles as i was going to go for something more rough.

Anyway here is a quick update, worked on the shell and forms, turned the head down slightly and worked on his expression. I still think i have to work on his mouth but it is shaping up.



Very cool detailing on the skin, shell, and breastplates. It's bringing out that realism you mentioned. Are you using references of real turtles for this and did you decide against having the side of the mouth open?
Here is the finished sculpture. I will take a final look before i mold him this weekend, but this is the finished piece. I used references of real turtles to give him scales, but didn't want them to be too distracting. Made the neck area under the chin a little thinner and did the wrinkles over the neck and shoulder area making sure to follow the form and the creases. Let me know what you think and any last minute critiques. Thanks for looking.





Looks great. Is there any detailing on the snout? I can't tell because the flash washes out the detail.

I'm also digging the veins on the back of the neck.

My only other recommendation is maybe have some scarring on the face unless of course you're going for a clean look.
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