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Nike auctioning 1500 pairs of Back to the Future MAG's for Charity

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I do care....and don't care that its for charity. I am not even that big on these films BUT the chance to own a pair of the coolest sneakers ever....come on the whole planet is in on this and they make 1,500 of them?

Absolutely will backfire on them in the worst way I hope...if nothing because most RPFers will probably never have the scratch to own a idea of what they are going for but clearly over $500 a pair will hurt most people.

PLUS....who in the heck will wear a pair of ltd editions?!?!?!?

Isnt that the whole point for most people.

Really poor guys.....really poor.

P.S. Yes I know a non ltd edition will come out...especially when upset people start writing letters to the CEO.....

Mike J.

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I dunno, man. They've had 20 years to make these sneakers. This date / year doesn't seem to be tied to anything, either. Why would they start mass production now?

It is a strange number, but I think how well they sell depends on the price(s) they go for at auction.

If it's run like a regular auction then some pairs might go for lower prices.

Wish they self laced too ;)
As of this post, prices on Ebay for the first night after the first 30 min of the auction:

Lowest Price: $2,000

Highest Price: $16,100

Nutty :wacko:wacko:wacko


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man, at least I have little feet, size 7 ftw , I could maybe catch some under $3000 lol *head desk*

ah well.

The Prop Stop

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I can rant or rave about this. Ebay system broken, shill bids, 1500 only, couldnt see it coming...yada yada...

or my friends do the sensible thing. Write to this address:

Mark Parker (president and ceo)
Nike World Headquarters
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005

and politely ask the boss to make a second non limited edition. Explain how he and his company can benefit and more importantly explain how disappointed you are at Nike for not realising that half of the USA would gladly have ponyed up $500 for a pair.


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Do you people honestly believe they will only make 1500 pairs>? I wish their were a better word than Naive. This Run is seprate people who dense can you be.


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Good or not, the prices are ridiculous for a pair of shoes even if they were selling for $500. At least they are being real "generous" offering free shipping. Sure are alot of people out there with lots of disposable income.
The $75,100 size 11 MAGS are now $8,200 with 27 bids.

Must have been people putting in 115 (mostly) fake bids.

Here is the original so rpf members can see:


The Prop Stop

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I hope your right bowelrock. But when teamleaders for the project say publicly we arent making have to listen to some extent.

Yeah...even these $8,000 bids are questionable. Many of the bids that were unverified had LOTS of feedback.

**** poor.....just really badly handled IMHO


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Great for the charity.. But hopeless for the collectors who have been waiting years for these.
I wouldn't be shocked to see copies of these coming out of a Bangkok factory for considerably less .


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