Nightwing Cosplay


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Hey everyone,

I was going through the forums and I have to admit I love the work you guys make. I just made this account to ask for guidance and general advice as to how to proceed.
This is my first attempt at cosplaying and I chose to do Nightwing.
I understand I will have to use EVA foam for the body armour but I haven't found any templates that satisfied me. Can anyone link any Nightwing armour templates?
Also, I would like to know what to have as a piece of clothing for the armour to be glued on. I'm not really convinced that a morph suit would hold.

I will be posting updates with how I proceed so if you want to you can check. I am kind of early for this and I will anyway start the heavy work in June as I have exams now. But would like to hear your opinions and any advice you have to give from your previous experiences

Thanks :D


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Hey DawnFighter, welcome to The RPF.

Nightwing is one of those characters that has a lot of different costume versions, and several variations exist with each version. He's also a character that will still be recognizable if you designed your own take on it, provided you included his symbol and mask. The very first thing you need to do is decide which version of Nightwing you are building, because each one is going to need its own approach.

Obviously, you want to make some kind of armored version. First, I suggesting giving this video a watch. It shows the best way I have found to attach EVA armor to any type of undergarment, which is to use snaps.

In terms of "finding a template that satisfies you," I recommend doing it yourself. And I don't mean to be rude, but that whole "if you want something done right, do it yourself" bit very much applies in this case. It may take a little more time to design the templates yourself, but the end result is exactly what you want, and not "the best you could find." Again, I have a video tutorial you should check out. It's 9 minutes long, but you probably only need the first half, which talks about how to build symmetrical templates using file folders. I was in your same position about a year ago when starting my Red Hood, and I am so glad I ended up designing my own templates.


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Thanks a lot for the links really appreciate it will start working on it after exam period
I guess you are right I will start from scratch with my own template and could try a body mould to make sure everything fits.
Your red hood looks cool by the way nicely done!
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