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    With Nightwing appearing in a fan series I am making I needed to make my own suit design for the character. My inspirations were Young Justice, Batman the Animated Series, The Dark Knight, and Ismahawk's Nightwing: The Series.

    I started with some concepting and sketching and went through multiple designs but over all I really liked the look this one captured.

    Next I went onto making the torso, as I felt most comfortable starting with.


    After making the templates I transferred the shapes onto 5mm craft foam from Michaels.
    I heated and bent the pieces to my liking and then sealed them using modge podge spray.
    I then masked areas where I didn't want overspray, and painted the accents blue. I realized there was something missing though. So I took this kind of webbing mat material used to keep rugs in place, and put it over the armor and sprayed a layer of black and mode lodge and it gives off a kind of carbon fiber look.
    I have a layer under the two chest pieces which is just a 3mm foam sheet cut into shape, and then plasti-dipped black.
    For the symbol I had encountered lots of trial and error. I tried plastic-dipping a foamy sheet symbol and then spraying it blue but the finished product was always and grainy unsmooth texture, so I decided to use a yoga mat. I made a new logo shape and traced and cut it out of the yoga mat. the mat had cool texture so I then plastic-sipped the symbol, and painted it a metallic blue.
    And this is what the armor is all together so far!
    I'm really pleased with this so far and I will post more once I work on the shoulders, back, etc.
    I plan on using a under armor shirt for the upper part and black tactical pants for the bottom.
    Anyways please respond and give your feedback I've made a couple of Threads before but no one ever responds or says anything so I'd really appreciate it if you guys told me what you think because I don't want to waste my time making threads without there being interaction between me and others so please feel free to ask any questions and until my next update!
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    Nice work so far man ! .... looking forward to see the final result :)
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    Thanks, it means a lot!
    I'm freaking out a bit because no one ever responds its a first for me lol.
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    It happens :p ... i think you should started this thread on the " DC Costumes and props " section... i posted there my nightwing armor and red hood helmet threads and people do responds when you ask for help and stuff

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