Nightwing Arkham City Costume need help BAD!!!!


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Really i just need to know what Materials to use and how to put it would be put together. I was thinking about Using a Morphsuit like in the picture:
morphsuit-black-msbk.jpg and then cutting leather or something like it into the patterns needed then attaching the leather pieces to the Morphsuit except in the joints, like my shoulders and stuff. so that it would look close to the actual suit while maintaining flexibility like in the game. So please any ideas will be extremely helpful.


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Use the search. It's at the top of the page, if you need advanced search options, press the plus button. Post when you have more specific questions.


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If you can afford it, I suggest looking into the dye-sub suit route. The three-dimensional effects most dye-sub artists can create on two-dimensional fabric is pretty great. Not to mention that it will serve as a much better base from which to build certain accents that you may want to have really pop (e.g. the symbol across the chest and shoulders) out of EVA foam.

I can almost guarantee trying to cover the suit in leather will be more expensive and way more effort, unless you used pleather or vinyl. But even then, you have to be a damn good sewer to make it look good.
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