Nightwing and Scarecrow Costumes


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Hey guys!

I made these costumes for my Nightwing/Justice League film which starts production tomorrow.

Nightwing - John Blake

This is my costume which I will be wearing, I bought the mask off Etsy, painted the shirt and gloves with fabric paint (it makes it have a grungy effect), one long stick cut in half and painted black and blue, and a ebay bought Batman belt.

Scarecrow - Allison Harper

A female take on the Scarecrow. We wanted to battle the stereotype of the sexy female villain, and make someone terrifying. The mask is made of Hessian material and sewed together. A gas mask was added, and cut through the mask. Lastly, there is the hoodie which was bought on ebay, and cut to pieces.

It's set after The Dark Knight Rises, and borrows continuity from Smallville as well. Eventually, I'd like to combine more and more heroes in later films.

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see it first!

Release date: December 2013.


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thats sick dude! holy crap!!! i would be doing more of this stuff nut i need a second job..i dont make enough money.
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