Night's Watch Inspired Costume

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Hey all! So I'm gonna start off by just introducing myself real quick as I'm brand new to this site. My name is Bryn, I used to be really into doing prop replicas centered around Halo, was a member of the 405th, ended up focusing most of my time into graphic design and following that in school and what not giving up on replicas. Just recently got back into everything and here's that story/ build.

This past summer my friend and I had convinced the rest of our group to start watching Game of Thrones and they instantly got hooked on it. We usually do group costumes like last year we had done characters from Dazed and Confused, myself going as David Wooderson (Matthew McConaughey). This year we decided to be men of the Night's Watch. My friend had suggested we spend $100 on costumes but I told him to save his money and I'd take on the task of making these for cheap. Below I'll attach a picture of the full costume and my costume from last year.
25434243_1794671360580615_303125493_o.jpg 25435166_1794807093900375_1659712511_o.png

So to Start we split the cost 3 ways and only spent about $10 each making the capes then the rest depended on what we wanted to spend on top. I'm gonna show you how I made mine.
The cape is a fake fur I got on sale at a local Joann Fabrics out of the clearance pile. and the fabric is some spare black backdrop fabric I had lying around, you can get the same fabric for pretty cheap at Joann's. The shape for the fur is pretty much a toilet seat with a spiked bottom.
Untitled-7-01.png Cape-01.png Cape fur-01.png
Depending how you want to do the cape it can be as simple as just a long sheet of fabric cut to your height or a little more complex to have it wrap around the shoulders. Some belts we picked up from the local Goodwill a dollar a pop were used for straps and a chain we found on the clearance rack at Joanns was used on top of that. I glued the belts together in an X shape as you can see above. Below will be the shapes for the cape and how to attach the fur. Mainly to attach a lot of this stuff I just used trusty hot glue but if you have some more time on your hands I would recommend stitching most things. Above is everything you should need to know about attaching the pieces and below will be pictures of what they looked like for me all together. To make the fur dark, a charcoal ink was watered down and brushed on in multiple coats.
25440780_1794670803914004_376405049_o.jpg 25434105_1794670760580675_977358210_o.jpg 25445314_1794670680580683_1613085360_o.jpg 25400815_1794671340580617_1615968284_o.png

This was my main focus for the costumes, I had a plan for how I wanted to do the undersuit or other garments. I don't think I mentioned this but I did this in a little less than a two week timeframe so I was just loosely translating the costume to how I wanted it to look and what I had time for, I work about 30 hours at a local beer garden and do freelance design and bartend on the side so I don't have too much free time. Going forward I referred to the evolution of Jon Snow taking elements from each of the armors he wears.

My bottom layer was a black servers shirt I used to wear for a catering company I had worked for. I knew that was gonna be my first part to it and didn't want to spend a lot on the costume. After a long time of searching through Amazon to find something that would work I found the perfect thing. An executioner costume for around $20 dollars ended up being the best thing ever with a little mods. The costume came in 4 pieces: a hood topper, a tunic, and 2 fake leather riveted gauntlets. I'll throw a picture of the costume below. All I did was cut the middle of the skirt up the middle in the front and fold back the sides and bottom to shorten it and create the angled pads that hand down from the Night's Watch tunics. The hood was pretty cool to throw on below the tunic and pull through the cape.
execu.jpg outline.png chest-01.png 25467789_1794670850580666_94633061_o.jpg
The last part to this is the chest plate which is just EVA foam matting. Yes, my one true love! This was super easy and simple just making a paper template of how I wanted the shape, I just transferred it to foam. A little light heat gun shaping and some detail lines cut in with a xacto knife, all that was left was paint. I didn't bother to seal the foam, I wasn't concerned about cracks and liked the texture without sealing it. Just a couple coats of hammered silver Rustoleum with some black lightly spritzed over and a black acrylic wash got the look I was looking for. And that was really all to it, find a cheap childrens sword or dollar store gloves and you are ready to protect the realm!
Looking forward to more builds.I want to do a Kylo Ren Force Awakens hilt and helmet. If you have any questions or comments let me know and would love to hear what y'all have to say!


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