Night and The Doctor


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If you haven't picked up the Complete Season 6 on DVD/Blu-Ray, keep an eye out on the web. There are five mini-episodes based around the question of what The Doctor does at night while Amy and Rory are sleeping.

Here's a hint:
Doctor: "No, River, wrong Tardis. I'm parked around back!"
River: "Two of you? The mind races...."

River Song fans will love it. River Song detractors still have the first two episodes.

The fifth episode, with Craig, is really, really lame.


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Loved them.
(I think the Craig one was just a deleted scene. Notice it's not mentioned at all in the Confidential regarding them.)

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How have I not seen these before? Brilliant!
There's something about Amy in her nightdress with that particular music they use that really reminds you of the little girl who waited.


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Just a heads up for those who didn't buy season 6 yet. The Blu-Ray is mis-priced at Best Buy. I got my set today for $36.99 (as the sticker said), there were other sets labelled at $74.99. It rung up at the register for $59.99 but I said "oh, the sticker says $36.99" and she rung it up at that. Great deal, especially since the DVD version is meant to be about $50 lol. Get it before they catch on, that they're labelled the wrong price. Look around too as they seem to be all over the shelves. No order at all, just keep looking for the cheap ones.

The 5 mini scenes are great. I loved "Last Night" the best, especially the last little bit. "Good Night" was pretty cool too. Nice little scene additions to the show.
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