Nicksdad Noisy Cricket finished


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Just finished building my ultimate Noisy Cricket. This is built from the old Nicksdad kit which is machined aluminum. I've added a few upgrades, primarily to the electronics. I used a custom circuit board to create sounds and lights. This circuit allows rapid fire too. Really fun little kit and feels good in the hand. Never fails to get a smile and people love the little "pew-pew" sound.

Love it! You have any extras? Never did have a stand for mine ugh.
Sadly no. Years ago I did a run of custom laser cut bases for these kits but sold them all. Looked at the costs of doing another run and the laser cutting place I used has become prohibitively expensive to use now :(

If there was enough interest I'd place an order but I'm not sure that many people own one of Nicksdad kits and are in need of a base for them.
Love it! You have any extras? Never did have a stand for mine ugh.
There are also some free 3d models of bases on Thingiverse that you can print if you're in need of one. 3d printing is also a bit too pricy to do a run for but if you only need one base that might be a feasible option for you to look into.

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