Nice-N TIE Fighter

Looking good.
Have fun with the build.

I too had the "I" beam constructed wings.

It took me around 6-7 hrs to build those, it is not a job I would want to do again anytime tooooo soon. ;)

Originally posted by Jestefarean@May 14 2005, 10:56 PM
Wow.  Youve been busy JDH.  :)

Yeah weekends are Gold Mines for me, it is the only time I ever seem to get anything done. So I work on the TIE, then while I wait for something to dry, I work on the Viper, and then the X-Wing........

I got a system and it works pretty well :) Of course during the week I get NOTHING done at all, but that is ok.

I am fortunate to have one of the few Tie Fighters that Steve built with the real louvered material.

It is awesome and goes well with my CC X-wing, which I had Steve build and paint.

Currently he is working on another model for me but it may be a while until I see the final result.
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