Nic Cage police helmet from The Wicker Man

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This is what happens when you randomly check Prop Store's "New Additions" before going to end up with Nic Cage's police helmet that he used in the beginning of the film to bash out the back window of the station wagon...

This is my first major screen used prop acquisition. I have a couple of smaller, less expensive items. But as soon as I saw this I had to have it - it's so ridiculous. And I'm normally against autographed props, but it feels completely appropriate in this case.

22815511_10155026918571717_5684541783285045922_n.jpg 22814183_10155026918581717_7460240285625688880_n.jpg 22789046_10155026918641717_737762490904655767_n.jpg 22729230_10155026918661717_1960086569957962775_n.jpg 22852250_10155026918681717_2259942484136199634_n.jpg
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