Niander Wallace 'haloes' - not quite a replica!


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One of the intriguing 'on screen for just a moment' props in Blade Runner 2049 is the collection of 'chips' that can be plugged into Wallace's neck implant and (presumably) allow him to interact with a range of devices. These chips are called 'haloes' apparently, and one of them is used in the movie to control the little swarm of 'barracuda' drones that enable him to 'see'.

The beautiful sliding box that the haloes are contained in in that scene is a bit too much for my rather rudimentary wood-working (and gneral prop-making) skills, but I have attempted an alternative display which I hope fits into the aesthetic while being a bit simpler to make! I like to think of it as a smaller, temporary storage solution!

I made the haloes themselves in Blender and printed them in resin on my Elegoo Mars. The text labelling was thrown together in Photoshop and printed it onto clear or white self-adhesive vinyl to create 'stickers' for the tops of the haloes that allowed the paint colour to show through (or matched the paint in the case of the red and black ones). I don't have a translation of the Kanji and Arabic characters, so I'm afraid they're not accurate - I matched them as closely as I could, but purely visually, finding characters that resembled the ones in reference phots as far as I could tell. Many apologies to anybody who knows Arabic or Kanji as they're almost certainly nonsense! :) I may do another set of stickers at some point if I can find a source for the actual characters.

The 'rack' itself is insulation foam and balsa strip, painted and varnished. There are small magnets set into the bottom of the halos and their slots in the rack to hold them in place. I'm working on a matching holder for the four barracudas, which I'm hoping will be a nice companion piece. The barracudas were printed in resin from an STL file I found on Thingiverse.

D282181D-0495-4F23-A55E-C255018D1762_1_201_a.jpeg ED52F219-6C5A-4BF5-9C3A-E49733D6E0A7_1_201_a.jpeg EE38CC16-B342-4CB8-AB1C-CC0535BAABC5_1_201_a.jpeg


Absolutly wonderfull I have to say truly a kind of art for every Blade Runner collection you are probably not able to make some more of these wonderfull props are you?
Greetings Heinz

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