Newest Addition to the Armory - Gandalf's Tumblers!


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Hey everyone,
I just wanted to share the latest addition to my Armory -- Gandalf's Tumblers. I had the good fortune of working with Jeanine from Turondo Pottery to make these come to life. It was a new design that she had just created and I was excited to get these added to my bar.

As you can see, the glaze is very well done and evokes the feel of the Lord of the Rings films. There was an issue with "shivering", that is some of the glaze was acting in an interesting fashion on the edges of the tumblers. Jeanine is very meticulous in her work and made a truly awesome effort to make these pieces very worthwhile.

She suggested that we shave some of the glaze down in the troubled areas, which provides an aged authentic look to the pieces. The lip is very comfortable to drink from and they fit very well into the hand. They are also quite hefty and feel as if they can take quite a few bleary knocks... well worth the price.

I was so pleased with Jeanine's work that I elected to purchase some Prancing Pony coasters at the same time. They are very cool and made of "thirsty stone" so they suck up moisture. I fully intend to get more items from Jeanine, she really goes out of her way to satisfy her customers. She makes tankards, tumblers, palantirs... the works.

Here is a shot of both my four tumblers and coasters... her prices are listed on the aforementioned website.

Thanks for reading.


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That would go quite well with my Gandalf costume at the Ren Faires. Never new bot this place, thanks.