Newbie's First Gamora Costume (Tips?)

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by nstafins, Jul 3, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!
    Okay, so I'm new to the cosplaying world although I absolutely love going to comic cons and events have been for years. A few months ago I went as Buffy Summers and it was a hit! I wanted to be a little more ambitious this time so I've decided to try Gamora. I'm so overwhelmed...and a little intimidated by all the other replicas I've seen. I'm crafty, but I can't sew that well. I don't have access to worbla, or a 3D printer or anything like that. Just a local craft store, haha.

    I have a pair of faux leather leggings and a faux leather leotard with a mesh insert for the body suit. I was thinking about getting a leopard print stencil and using blue fabric paint for the decal on her jumpsuit. Everything else is still a thought process. I guess I just need suggestions and advice from other more experienced cosplayers on making a nice looking costume without breaking the bank or having to be a seamstress. I'm going for familiarity, not an exact likeness.

    I'm especially stuck on the collar she wears and the best way to about the wristbands. I think I could figure everything else out in time.

    Anyone feel like helping a rookie?
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    So, here's my best 'crafty' version advice:

    Your stencil idea is a good one. Look for Angelus paints on Amazon. They are brush on acrylics made for leather. So, they will be more flexible and adhere to the finish of the faux better than craft paint. Depending on how tight the bodysuit is, you might still get a little cracking here and there.

    For the collar, I would recommend you make a template in poster board and then build the collar out of craft foam. Seal it with ModPodge and paint it. Give it a few coats of DuraClear to finish it off. Get a pack of those little mirror pieces they sell at craft stores and spray them with a matte clear coat (get a rattle can at the craft or hardware store) to knock back the mirror but keep the 'bling' and glue them on. Get some neodymium magnets from Michaels or Amazon and use those to attach it to the suit. Simply glue them to the collar with LockTite and use the other side inside the suit. Be careful - they are wicked strong and will pinch the crap out of your fingers if they snap together.

    for the wristbands, make a template and use your foam, ModPodge, paint, hot glue gun, some vinyl remnants, fabric scraps and anything else you see that looks cool and Velcro to close them - put the movie on and spend an afternoon tinkering until you get something you like. Since you said you're doing your own version, just play around with it and have fun.


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