*NEWBIE* Wanting to do my first Cosplay (ARROW CW's VERSION)


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Hey everyone, I am new to this site and cosplay. I am wanting to create my own costume for a friends DC theme wedding. I am in need of help on every aspect at the moment. If anyone can help me for starters on how to get started on the outfit, that would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!


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Hi Cwylde, welcome to the RPF!

You will find no better, concentrated resource than The Definitive CW Arrow Thread. Every costume piece from every season, sourced, analyzed, and (in most cases) shown how to properly recreate it.

As for good starting off points: generally the off-the-shelf replica costumes (like this one from Cosplay Sky) are your best, fastest, and most affordable bet. Pieces will have to be upgraded, modified, or replaced if you want a completely screen-accurate costume, but the majority of it is very usable (entirely usable if 100% accuracy is not of concern).

I'm a bit envious, the wedding sounds like a blast!


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THANK YOU! I just checked it out, it got me all pumped.
And yes the wedding is gonna be blast, I am ordaining the wedding as Oliver Queen, then gonna costume change for the reception.
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