Newbie seeks sith infiltrator interior references

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Hi, I'm currently waiting for some materials to arrive for a 24" ISD build I've been planning and decided to warm up for the build with a bit of small scale tinkering.

I want to accurize/ detail to a small sith infiltrator model I have but I can't seem to find any good references for the cockpit interior.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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The cross section books have an image of the interior....

[Link to copyrighted material removed]

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Thanks very much clancampbell :). I'd seen this pic but only very lo res. This'll be useful! I'll probably check out the ep1 blueray too and see what I can get with a little freezeframing.
Thankfully some bits for my star destroyer build have started arriving so i'll probably put this one on the shelf for a while. :)
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