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Hey, being new-to-cosplay and an incredibly self-doubting, self-undermining person, I've had a draft for a thread for a very long time here and still working up the nerve to post it. Basically, I feel like an disgraceful idiot that will make a self-proclaimed 'ultimate/definitive' thread for a particular cosplay that will be genuinely seeking help and giving step-by-step feedback and progress for any future cosplayers. I'm not certain what is and isn't acceptable, as I see a mix of both on the boards. This is mainly due to the fact that I feel about two dozen of my questions/worries could easily be answered by those with experience in the realm of cosplay and making. Yet there's nowhere for me to actually ask these quick, one-off, tiny little questions.

I suggest perhaps a sub-board for those to ask those little questions, and if enough of the same are accrued, to gather the most common ones into a stickied FAQ. (I know this will sound like an incredibly awful comparison, but you can see they have a similar system over on It's simple stuff like, 'Should I REALLY shell out $30 for pros-aide remover?' and the like. Quick and dirty questions that experienced members could easily answer within a few minutes. Answer done, help given, hope restored. It's these little tiny doubts and worries (which Google's constantly contradicting information doesn't help whatsoever) that make it so hard for people to break into cosplay if you're like me and want to go all in and suffer from perfectionism and low budget. It'd also be for more generalized questions as the aforementioned example, and not specific to one particular build/costume/fandom/etc.

So.. yeah, that's what I think would really help people get their feet under them to start focusing on real questions/making threads.

If there is already a section on here that basically fulfills this purpose already, I deeply apologize and fully admit that I am a complete idiot and I somehow missed it.