Newbie Question about painting the final product.


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Hello All,

Just wanted to get a general idea of how to paint a model ship that has many fiber optics protruding out of its frame. I am currently building the battlestar pegasus with some modifications. I have Fiber optic lights ranging from .25 to 1.0mm. the .25 for the windows will be hard to cut once the entire ship has been painted. But if someone can walk me through the process on how to cover certain areas of the fiber optics as well as landing bays and areas you dont want the base paint to cover that would be very helpful.

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From the reading of a lot of threads over the years it seems the fiber optics are simply left in place and cut after the model has been painted. Not sure about the bays. No way to tape over them? Or maybe fill the opening with something? Someone smarter will chime in... :)


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People typically install the fibers with some extra sticking out of the model. Then paint as normal and cut off the extra, to reveal the unpainted fiber flush with the model surface. I saw a Star Destroyer recently where each fiber actually went through two windows, out one, then back in the hole next to it, making a little loop outside of the model. This would be an efficient way of both installing and making it easier to manage/cut after painting.


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What about using a single edged razor, with one side with masking tape applied *almost* to the edge, to provide just a little 'lift', as the trimming tool? You should build a little 'test article' to work out any kinks in your technique in any case... it might also be possible to do some minor 'polishing' with fine grit sanding pads where the FO are located & smooth them out

Regards, Robert
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