Newbie looking for spider man suit info

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Hey guys,

I'm a first time poster and a long time reader of therpf, So if I'm doing anything wrong (e.g. posting in the wrong section or not following the rules please tell me. You have permission to yell at me). I have made a few spider man costumes as a teenager, but nothing but homemade costumes made for fun. Now I'm ready for a full replica costume.

I would like to learn as much as possible before jumping into this so I'm hoping for some information on learning more than information on who or where to get a costume from. I'd also like to play around with making a pattern for a spider-man costume just for fun. So is anyone can give me some information on what the processes and what kind of stuff i need to know about costumes please let me know
just search for anything nickfox or taylormacmanus have posted on the board, they're the spidey kings. and there are a ton of threads on here with useful, detailed info. poke around and within a few minutes you'll have more than enough info. :)
get one from the experts in these suits and pro seamstress to sew it ,it is very hard to do take it from me my so called seamstress had one of my suits and trashed it trying to put it together hope it helps
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