Newbie in Steampunk outfit, need your opinions


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Hi everyone,

I finally managed to stumble upon an active steam punk forum where I can post my pictures and ask for ideas and stuff! Great!

As I mentioned, I'm a newbie in this, I always loved everything about Steam Punk but I also thought I could never make such a thing myself. But, never say never and here is the first part of my first outfit. (if I get really good in this, I might even make a second one! :p)
Top hat 1.jpgTop hat 2 detailed.jpgTop hat 3 detailed.jpg
A top hat with goggles, made of a foam mattress and DIY foam sheets. Nothing here is bought, all comes from friends who had some stuff lying around collecting dust.
The 'nails' are just black plastic pearls, the gears are from Lego Technic, a pair of glasses that are thick as the bottom of a bottle (a friend was nice enough to hand over his old pair of glasses), the clock face or dial is a printed out image in sepia colours made a bit tacky and used. (If I can find a real dial with glass, I will replace this paper one)
The whole is feminised with feathers and ribbons.
I would like your opinions, because my next project will be a cane, handbag and necklace to complete my outfit for next years festivals. I'm also gonna look for a name of a female person I might impersonate, or else, I just invent something really cool :D

I might add, I live in France (but i'm Belgian) and it's very hard to find gears and clock faces and stuff because people here tend to throw away everything, instead of keeping those treasures!

Thank you for reading and hope to get some cool ideas from you!


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I really like the patchwork done to create the top hat's crown. The coloring is good as well, in as far as I can tell from the photos.

If you ever want to create gears, I like to use the gear template generator from by printing the gear I generate and cutting them from foam, wood, thin metal, or even paper. Link: