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Herro...Ima newb..was curious if anyone knew of any Mara Jade Skywalker patterns/costume leads?

I really want to figure out how to make this:


I have a sewing machine..and Im in the process of trying to teach myself how to use it from books! Harder than I thought it would be...any suggestions on how to teach myself to sew?

Any suggestions on the shoulders and how to fabricate those? Any input would be really appreciated!!
there are many many ways of making those shoulders.. all kinda depends on where your skills lie (and the people you know)

the shoulders look easy to 3D model, if you or someone you know can do that then you might choose for a pepakura paper build of the shoudlers.

otherwise foam might be a good idea aswell again with a 3D model or just by measuring.

I suggest browse to these forums and look at some pepakura builds and foam builds then decide what's best to do with your skills/budget/time etc..
Thank you! I do have access to people that can help me... my fiance could definately help me with this since he made his own pred. I kinda wanna do it on my own though! :) Thank you so much for your suggestions!
The amulet piece looks like it could easily be made with an air-drying clay like one of the Sculpeys or Papercraft. Of course you could always sculpt it, mold it and cast it in Smooth-Cast 300 resin too ;) Just put a clip on the back and your'e golden.
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