newb: my original Ironman, Batman and Green Lantern


Hi. I've been trolling the site and admiring you all for some time, and finally decided to join in. I'm a professinal costumer, who likes to mke superhero costumes in my spare time. I started with a foam ironman armor, before I found you guys and learned of the glory of pep files (I love you Robo!!!) I made it out of minicel foam scraps from work,and covered it in stretch vinyl... kinda proud of how it turned out. It's simple but fun. More cartoon than movie,but it works
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Re: Newb! Here's what I've done before

So after that I wanted to try something in a different vain (vein? Vane?... whatever) and tried out a muscle suit using vinyl, and spandex, for a batman armor. The cowl's purchased and modified. I stitched it to the cloak, so it would have that line from the neck to the shoulders.

The pecs, abs, and ribs muscles are quilted to different thicknesses of foam to help define the shape too.
Re: Newb! Here's what I've done before

Thanks. I'm sllloooowwwwlllyyy working on my 1st pep Ironman using robo's pattern, I hope to haveit done for next halloween. I'm not much of a con-goer, so Halloween's always my due date. I think I'll spare everyone the experience of one more ironman pep thread... I may post he pics once it's done though.
Re: Newb! Here's what I've done before

Love that Batman suit you've made. Any work in progress pics of it during the stages? Is that the Rubies 3/4 Dark Knight mask sewn to a spandex hood.
Re: Newb! Here's what I've done before

Sadly, I wasn't thinking of process shots... I did think ahead and saved the pattern, which I modified into a Nightwing for my friend. I'll try to get some detail shots, and internal structure pics up later.
Re: Newb! Here's what I've done before

That Iron Man especially rocks! It's nice to see a different take on the character -- I quite like the "cartoony" look you gave it.
So when I went to make my Green Lntern, I had this windfall of cash... so I blew the whole wad on a mess of EL wire... Ultimately it didn't work the way I wanted it t because while EL Wire is flexable, it only flexes so often, especially at joints like elbows.

The base of he suit is a modification and upgrade of the Batman vinyl. More panels and greater striation of the muscles

The ring, I cast out of polyuethane rubber, from a wax I sculpted. I mounted a massive led to make sure it out shone the rest of the suit...
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